Thursday, April 3, 2008

I don't take enough fruits

Does it show on our face if we don't have sufficient intake of fruits? Possibly.

How to make sure I take enough fruits? Or rather, take fruits everyday. Make sure favourite fruits are easily available and in abundance may be a good idea.

I'm very lazy when it comes to eating fruits. The best is banana, you just eat them out of their skin straight away. No need peeling or cutting. But, too much bananas can be too bored. How about grapes? Good choice but I loath those Red Globe grapes, though round and big but full of seeds. It's cumbersome having to eat and make sure you don't bite or swallow the seeds at the same time. That's because I just eat them as a whole. I don't bother to take a few bites out of a grape.

Seedless grapes are better. But costlier. And, worse still, fruits are sprayed with excessive pesticide that it's not safe anymore to consume fruits without soaking or washing them properly. Again, lots of work.

Apples, yes. I don't eat apples with their skin. Didn't your teacher tell you most of the nutrients are on the skin? Yeah, I know but again with the wax and pesticide all concentrated on the skin, is it safe to consume them?

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