Thursday, April 10, 2008

No need to do hair treatment in hair saloon

Hair stylists never fail to ask me if I want to do hair treatment when they touch my hair. My ends do appear dry and they are dry. The scalp, however, tells a different story.

Without even thinking, the answer would always be a resounding 'NO'. I don't believe that doing hair treatment once in a blue moon would really smoothen hair or give it moist. So, why bother to spend the money at saloon?

Many,many years ago I come across a product called hair treatment cream. I bought it (can't remember the price) and tried on my hair. You just need to apply the cream after your hairwash while your hair is still wet. Wrap your towel and let it stay for, I think, 15 minutes or so. The result? Soft flowing hair, but rather oily at the scalp.

If I'm diligent enough to try a few times, I can almost bet the result could be better than one done in a saloon. Unfortunately, patience and time are not with me. I didn't bother to try more.

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