Thursday, April 24, 2008

Does high metabolism help?

I often get compliments from my colleagues that I look slim despite being a mother of two. And, I always tell them that they should look at me before I had any children or after I had my first boy. I was much slimmer than. Now, I have expanded.

Thinking back, I shouldn't have complained then. I was always complaining about my weight.

I eat a lot, compared to a lot of other women. Fortunately, compared to the amount of food I take, my body didn't show. Yes, I've put on weight. But, it's just because I lack exercise and I don't cut down on my food intake. I eat when I like. I never remember myself going into any form of diet.

I could probably attribute my so-called 'slimness' to my high rate of metabolism. I burn fast whatever that I wallop. And I must have three meals. My breakfast is heavy most of the time. A lot of people don't believe that I take such heavy breakfast and yet remain how I look.

But, it's true. I can't live without breakfast.

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