Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tips to avoid having oily hair

Eeeh, I can't stand oily hair and hair that looks oily. And I have this problem, Hellllppp!

I could only resort to washing my hair on alternate days. Else, it'll look like I just applied oil on it on the third day. Not to mention my laziness to wash my hair, it's also a 'hair-losing' experience each time after my hairwash. My hair drops while washing, drying with a towel and even combing. Sigh....

My hair, especially the fringe look greasy on the morning of the third day. As I usually wash my hair at night, I would shampoo the fringe in the morning before I go to work. So, at least the fringe would look 'clean' and dry. Looks more enticing than greasy looking hair.

In order not to add to the oilyness of my hair, I don't apply hair-conditioner on the scalp. I only concentrate on the tip of the hair. I think this is common sense.

A tip I got from my hairstylist is to blow dry our hair with hair-dryer after a hairwash. She said our hair would not look oily so easily. I tried that and yes, the hair does look 'drier' but blow drying with hairdryer is damaging to the hair la.

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