Sunday, March 23, 2008

What is the best hair-conditioner brand to detangle fine hair?

I have super-fine hair and fragile too. Hairstylists who touched my hair before can testify this. And I've never find this as a blessing except that it's smooth to touch. It can mess up easily too. When it comes to taking care of my hair, it can be a hair-pulling experience, literally.

I used to use Dove extra-moisturising hair-conditioner. Other brands don't seem to work. Believe me, I've tried. It's like applying tonnes of them and yet my hair doesn't seem to feel softer, the knots are still tight. I've even tried a couple of premium brands such as Kerastasea and . But they are not smooth enough to detangle my easily-tangled hair.

When I can't find this Dove hair-conditioner in supermarkets' shelves, I almost panicked. What happened to this brand? I can't find the exact type, Yes there are still other Dove hair-conditioner but not the particular one I was using. Wonder why Dove phased this one out from their production line? Anyway, I was still using Dove until I can find another replacement.

My prayers are answered when I found Pantene! I never used to be a loyal consumer of Pantene shampoo. Their shampoo is a little costlier than others. But, when I stumble upon this travel size leave-on extra rich hair-conditioner, I didn't think twice to buy it.

True to its description, this conditioner solves my problem. I find it a little odd that the regular sized one is not widely sold. Most shelves are stacked with the travel size. Probably, due to its price which doesn't make it so saleable. As for me, I'll never switch to other brands unless it's taken out of the market again. Maybe, I should just stock up one or two bottles???

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