Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is depigmentation facial treatment effective?

At almost RM280 (about USD88 at date of posting) per session, it better be. It's cheaper if purchased during promotions.

Having a fair complexion is not a blessing afterall when it comes to pigmentation. (okay, okay, i'll stop complaining). Some say if your face is free of acne, high chances that it'll be plagued with pigmentation problem. Well, mine is acne-free,so, you can gather what's my problem,la. God is fair, isn't it?

As a teenager, I have problem-free skin except for the rare occassional pimples break-out. Pigmentation only started to appear after I had my kids. Problem become obvious after the second child. If only I take action earlier, I won't be living with the problem now. Early precaution always pays, I just don't learn fast enough! (Not a slow-learner, you know.)

Childbirth related pigmentation is easily curable, so I was told by the beauty consultant. At least, easier to remedy than exposure to sun and hereditary. Is this a sales gimmick to ask me to sign up for the course of treatment? Whatever it is, if I don't do something about it, I may end up having patches on my face.

With the price I'm paying, the treatment isn't something pleasurable. No pain, no gain! So, no choice lo. Generous amount of whitening serum is applied to an applicator (which is also connected to the machine) and the applicator is run through the part of the face where depigmentation appears. As the applicator contacts the face, a feeling of 'stinging' is felt. A little like mild electrocution. For normal skin, it's almost sensationless except for the smooth wet applicator. For an uneven or problematic skin, the feeling is more tangible. If only I can doze off during this session. But, hardly.

Massaging the face with whitening serum on the face to ensure deeper penetration follows. Emm, feels the best.

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