Friday, March 21, 2008

Which hairstyle would you choose?

Which hairstyle would you pick if you have thinning hair?

This one is unattractive and not sexy, very 'school-girl' and not versatile. Not corporate-looking too. Can even look 'ah soh' (you know the aunty look and housewife type la, what else?) when you are not dressed up appropriately. Or just one look and nothing else. You can't play around with a hairclip or a hairband if you are bored with letting it down. But, easy to maintain, dry faster after a hairwash, needs less or can even do away with hair-conditioner. Almost tangle free even in the worst sleeping pattern. You can practically walk out of the house without combing your hair. The best is, and that's the whole idea, there is less hair dropping. :)

Annddd... this look is sexier, more feminine too. You can create a few looks with it, bun it up, tie it up or the occasional braids. The price to pay, though, is tangled hair after a hairwash with rich hairconditioner, strands and strands of hair in the toilet. The result, thinning hair. Thank God there is none on my pillow or bedsheet.

For the sake of a crowning glory, I will choose the suitable hairstyle.

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