Thursday, April 17, 2008

How to have thicker hair?

Can anyone drop me some haircare tips on how to have thicker hair?

I have been having thinning hair since I was a youth. It wasn't very serious as sometimes there are still baby hair growing at the hairline. But, the appearance of the thinning hair at the roots especially on top of the head, is rather obvious, though not at an alarming stage yet. I don't want to wait til that day happens, though.

I've tried a few branded shampoo that target hair loss, from the cheaper ones available in any pharmacy (about RM30-RM40 or USD9-12) to those premium ones (RM60-100 or USD18-30). Sebastian, Kerastasea, Nioxin and Aesop.

I've even attempted tonic, or hair-conditioner for problematic hair such as the one I'm using. I've long stopped tonic as I find it very tedious applying it on my head. For the conditioner that I'm using which target the scalp, it's called scalp therapy. My hairstylist recommended it to me. His advice is to the scalp needs to be taken care of so that healthy hair follicles can grown. His theory makes sense as I have oily scalp and it'll turn red and itchy and slices of dandruff begin to surface when I don't wash my hair on the alternate day. If still left unwashed, flakes of dandruff will 'grow' from the scalp.

The light green-coloured conditioner has a very fresh, minty fragrance. And, the best is when applied on the scalp, it gives a very cooling feeling on the head. If I have the conditioning done in an air-conditioned hair salon, I can even feel the chill on my body because of the hair conditioner (I'm not exaggerating). We are not supposed to rinse away the conditioner straight away. For the best effect, the conditioner should be left to work on the scalp for 10-15 minutes. I don't use this conditioner as often as I should be simply because I don't waste unnecessary time in the bathroom. My bathroom regime doesn't last more than 10minutes (without hairwashing). Moreover, this conditioner doesn't untangle hair. For my fine hair, only Pantene Extra-Rich works for me now. So, I need to use both this Nioxin and Pantene conditioner if I need to use Nioxin. What a waste of time (which I don't have much)! This conditioner helps to soothe my scalp but has to be used together with the shampoo for the best effect.

I was introduced to Nioxin foam for the scalp. Frankly, I don't find this product of any use to me.I've used up one bottle (which is miserably small for the RM100 (or USD29) I parted with) and yet don't see any noticeable positive effects.

Unable to dispel the convincing persuasion of a sales promoter, I bought a bottle of Aesop Dual cleansing scalp shampoo, claimed to be effective for thinning hair. Perhaps, this brand would work better. Not only I don't experience any growing hair, my hair drops more than usual. I stopped after about 2 months of consuming it. I don't want to risk losing my crowning glory. There went my RM60 something (about USD19).

I think I better forget about being adventurous and stick to the tried and tested brand, my faithful Nioxin scalp cleanser.

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