Saturday, April 12, 2008

Women with hips wider than 36 inches can live longer

Wow! What a welcoming news! I read about this from a female magazine. Just want to share this with women who desperately want to lose weight or just don't feel satisfied with their body.

1. Have better skin
Not trying to be a sour grape but didn't you notice mature slim women normally has wrinkled or sagging skin? Fleshier women have ample 'padding' under their skin, thus, you often see 'stretched' skin.

2. Fall sick less often
We should be proud of the little extra fat because without these fat, we'll feel cold sooner in an air-conditioned room. The layer of fat is also burnt in our body to provide the extra energy.

3. More fertile
There surely must be a reason why women are created to carry children. The extra fat functions to nurture babies healthily.

4. Less prone to bone injuries
Extra fat means extra cushion, needless to say, compared to skinny women, we are less prone to injuries in the event of falls. So, stop complaining!

5. Have better sex life
NO comments.

Despair no more. Count your blessings! We have to look at things positively,yeah.

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