Monday, December 26, 2011

Combs that last more than a decade

After having this pink comb for something like more than 10 years, it finally broke another few tooth and can't be used anymore.

I bought a new one from Guardian but mind you, the teeth of this new comb are too sharp to comb gently on my already weak scalp. It's not cheap though, at RM7.90.  So, I went searching for combs with big teeth. Believe me, I actually went hunting at Carrefour, Jusco, S&M and finally one at Sogo supermarket.

It's huge, at least the biggest comb I've ever owned and it's cheaper at only around RM5. I feel so much less 'discomfort' with this comb. With crowning glory such as mine, I don't really mind the hassle.  If I can find one with therapeutic effect which can soothe my problem scalp, I don't mind paying for such comb.

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