Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Get those shoes or clothes while you can

Have you ever gotten yourself ready with a clear mind and pack yourself with energy and a nice seasoned pair of flatties, ready to invade the shopping mall? You are clear on what to buy, in fact, you have a list stored in your mobile phone what to look for. You psychoed yourself you wouldn't leave the mall until you get X number of pairs of shoes or Y number of blouses or pairs of pants.

Your eyes are ready to feast on the numerous offers, your feet feel so strong.  But, after hours of browsing over clothings on offer, you can't seem to find something you would kill for.  You 'up' your budget and start to look for more expensive apparels.  Where are they? Either the size is out-of-stock or the colour is not available.  Gee.. how disappointing!

Now, I've learnt this lesson umpteenth years ago, which women don't? Never shop only when you are ready. Shop when you are not ready too. As soon as you come across any nice pair of shoes or clothing, grab them! (..even when you have exceeded your spending for that month.But, be sure you can afford this.)

You may just have strolled into a shop or boutique or departmental store and expect the least to part with any money. Alas! a nice pair of shoes, on offer, caught your attention.  They are on half-price. But, I don't need another pair of shoes yet.  Grab them first!  How often can there be an offer and the item is something you like? Busy moms like us don't have such luxury at times. You will end up feeling satisfied that you've gotten a good offer for something you like.  And, you need not shop for the rest of the year too.

I bought four pairs of shoes and sandals, all within an hour.  So lucky! I don't have to crowd with Chinese New Year shoppers for shoes.

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