Sunday, December 4, 2011

My medical examination is overdue!

Can one look beautiful when she is unhealthy? NO! So, I am going to include posts relating to health in this blog.

When was your last medical check-up? Mine is overdue by at least two to three years.  I am overdue for my gynaecological as well as a general health check-up. How sick am I then? Ignorance is bliss.. not always, though my Mom always believes so when we touch the topic of chronic disease.

If such, why procrastinate? Except for general health screening, gynaecological examination is not the most pleasant one to go through, I have to admit and I believe most females would not disagree.  We possess the most tender and vulnerable anatomy, yet they are the ones which do not get the most attention.  How ironical?

Quick, quick, pick up the phone and date your gynaecologist.

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