Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are those skin tags on my face?

This is something new, as always new but not good.  Worse still, if they are found on my face.  My beautician identified them as skin tag. But, I'm not really convinced yet.  After googling, skin tags are those 'unwanted' tiny bulging (some are those 'dangling' flesh) found mostly on neck and armpit areas. 

Of late, upon closer examination, I found a few white, bulging spots on my face. Yeah, mine are spots, not flesh.  My 'inexperienced' beautician seemed to stay away from my cheek areas when it came to the blackheads extraction process.  When asked, they claimed that my cheek area were free from blackheads and therefore needed no extraction. 

I'm little convinced by this advice. For two months straight in a row, I was spared from extraction on my cheeks.  This month, just a few days ago, I made sure my 'grievances' were heard by a senior. Somehow, the senior beautifician was occupied and sent me someone more junior than her to 'take care' of me, she assured. I wonder what's this senior doing as I had been hearing her voice chatting away at the reception area while I was in the salon room.

I need to find a way for someone to examine my face so that I can take measures to eliminate these unsightly spots or prevent further growth of them.

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