Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to brown

Just had a highlight on my hair, almost everyone does it to usher the Chinese New Year.  Well, actually I  went there just for a fringe cut. Somehow, I obliged when the shampoo girl suggested a highlight for my hair.  I don't go for colour for economical reason, what else?

This time, instead of trying to be bold and choosing red, I opted for the conventional brown.  And, I wasn't charged the 'Chinese New Year' price, so it's fine.  The salon's business is flourishing. When I stepped in at 10.07am, there were already 3 customers who were having their hair done.

And I was there at about 9.40am. Thinking that I was too early, I went for a 'nescafe tarik' at the mamak shop next door, not knowing that customers were already walking into the salon at the dot of 10am.

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