Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why I bought these handbags?

These two handbags were bought to usher the Chinese New Year, sort of, or just another excuse to buy new bags.. . By the way, I had 'worn' off at least 3 handbags in 2+ years.

I bought both these on the same day at Sogo, not too pricey, less than RM80 (USD26). Let's see how long they last.  Why I chose them?

* They are of a size big enough to store my Netbook.  This is necessary so that I do not need to carry another bag if I want to bring my Netbook along.
* There are many compartments. I go for those with a zip compartment at the back of the handbag where I usually keep my mobile phone.  At least, when my mobile phone vibrates, I can feel the vibration as it is closest to my body.  Internally, both have another 2 more compartments, a zip one and another 'twin' one to store my receipts and other stuff which I do not like being 'mixed' up with my other junks in my handbag.
* They are of a length which suits me. I dislike bags which have too long a strap.  One which is slightly right next to my elbow when clutched is perfect for me.  This enables me to open my handbag to take out stuff and still have the handbag strap on my shoulder without removing it from my shoulder, safer, right?
* This is optional but I love those handbags with an additional external compartment.  The brown handbag here has one, just behind the bow. In times of emergency or when I need to be quick, I can easily slip a receipt or some money into the compartment.  My old handbag even has 2 side compartments similar to what backpacks have.  I stuff my pocket tissues in those compartments.

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