Monday, February 6, 2012

How to solve my skincare problems?

I have finally found help.  I have requested to transfer to another centre, hoping that I can get the advice and service I need from my previous beauty consultant.  You see, this beauty consultant who is the supervisor of the outlet has long been transferred to another outlet.  I will call her SF.  After some waiting, I was finally able to meet her for my first facial session at this centre at Ampang.

Although she wasn't able to attend to me personally, she had made sure that I was taken care of by an experienced beauty consultant. True enough.. This experienced consultant gave me a lengthy explanation of what skin tag is and why I have them. She also analysed my skin in detail and enlightened me of my problems and how to overcome them.  She made sure I understood them and gave me the necessary advice.

So, she had extracted all my so-called skin tags which the consultant at the previous outlet neglected to do.  They were not exactly skin tags but have the potential to turn into them if I don't take good care of them.  According to her, they were white heads which have hardened and were quite stubborn to be removed.  Only an old hand like her can handle these problems.

Whatever it was, I walked out of the salon, feeling satisfied that my skin problems are being attended to and that I will be undergoing a series of 'repair' sessions which this consultant promised.  She assured me that she would help me to solve my problems provided I heed her advice to go for regular facial session and adhere to  regular skincare regime.

Now, this is what I call service for the money that we part with.

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