Friday, February 24, 2012

Why do I have dead skin?

Unsightly, stubborn, hardened, dry dead skin appear again on my foot, strangely this condition mostly appear on the joint of my right big toe.  And when I was trying to find out the appropriate name for this part of my toe,

I learn from the net that the protruding part of my toe (as pictured) is actually a problem that can be treated. Now, I know it's called bunion. Cutting and clipping the dead skin away is not a solution as it will come back again, leaving a very rough surface.

I know those footcare shops can be answer to my condition. But, yucks! I can't stand the pungent smell of those shops and what if I am caught walking out of this kind of shop by someone I know?

Perhaps, it's time to visit my pedicurist.

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