Friday, September 16, 2011

Is this the side-effect of whitening powder?

I had my usual facial session the other day.  When it came to the application of exfoliant, I felt a slight stinging sensation on my face.  Normally, the beauty consultant would pre-empt me that I may have that feeling if my skin is dehydrated. 

I usually have that feeling too but just a little.  This time, the sensation was much greater and it was on most part of my face particularly on both my cheeks.  It was quite uncomfortable that I had to request the consultant to remove the exfoliant when she suggested it.

How could my skin be dehydrated and react to the exfoliant in that manner when I had been diligently using my skin hydrating mask more often? As expected, the consultant commented that my skin is sensitive.  In fact, she asked me to use mask more often.  Not wanting to disagree with her, I obligingly nodded my head. 

I have a strong feeling that the 'powerful' Extreme-C is the culprit.  Why not when the only thing different that month is I've started using this whitening product?  Could it be I've applied too much of it on my spot areas? Well, I thought perhaps a little more will whiten it sooner.

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