Friday, September 30, 2011

Is creamy cleanser better than soap cleanser?

Before switching to Dermalogica about 14 years ago, I was a Clinique user for quite a number of years.   I used Clinique's soap cleanser (I think it was No.2) and I liked it because of the fresh and clean oil-free feeling on my face after cleansing.  I didn't have much problems then. 

Probably due to hormonal change, I noticed the tightness on my face each time after cleansing.  And my skin seemed to get more dehydrated that it started to peel, especially on my nose area.  Recommended by my sister, I went to a Dermalogica saloon. From then on, I've been alternating their creamy cleanser with the gel cleanser along with other brands. I had stopped using Clinique's soap cleanser since then.  The results were gradually seen as I don't have anymore peeling skin. 

Well, it has been 14 years and I think I will not switch products, unless I am undergoing another hormonal change.....(hope not so early)

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