Saturday, January 26, 2008

How to prevent cracked heels?

Instead of taking picture of my own cracked heel, I thought of just getting a picture from the net and post it here. Too shy la...

So, what's an effective home remedy to rid of this,apart from the many products available in the market? The following methods are said to work:

1)using pumice stone to scrub off the hard skin and smoothen the cracks. I think this would just be a short-term solution to remove the cracks but doesn't prevent cracks.

2)wearing socks at night if you sleep in an air-conditioned room. This is to prevent loss of moisture from the skin as dry skin will crack easily.Better still, right after applying moisturiser.

3)avoiding turning on the air-conditioner. The point is that air-conditioned environment is drier and promotes easy cracking or peeling of the skin. If you can't sleep without an airconditioner, then practise method (2)

4)never stay bare-footed anywhere even at home.Again,this is to prevent roughage to the skin and exposure elements that promote cracking skin.Concrete and even tiled floor is said to cause dryness to the feet.

5)comfortable and suitable footwear should help to alleviate this problem.

I've tried (1) and (4) and I don't think my shoes are not suitable for my feet. The problem persists but not as serious. At least, it's not obvious even when I'm wearing slip-on shoes or slippers/sandals. I just need to put layers and layers of moisturiser to prevent dryness. If I'm not disciplined, my heels will tell!

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