Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cracked hands

It all started during my confinement of my son. Overly obsessed with hygiene, I washed my hands with Dettol handwash each (I mean each and every time) time I handled my son's feeding bottles, pacifier or drinking bottles. And mind you, one can imagine how many times an infant feed and drink in a day! That would be the number of times I wash my hands with Dettol.

My problem came a few months later. I realise whenever I lack water or get in contact frequently with water and detergent, my hands would start to dehydrate, peel then crack eventually.

To mitigate the problem, I resort to frequent moisturising of the hands. It helps to reduce dryness and onset of crack. But, when cracks appear, an effective method to heal my hands is by applying Fucicort cream. I've tried a few creams but this one work the best.

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