Saturday, January 26, 2008

The cheapest neck cream

Do you have the following items and wish to throw or give them away:

1)Moisturiser that had expired (not too long) and you are scared to put it on the face for fear of any outbreak.
2)hand or body lotion
3)moisturiser samples which does not suit your skin type
4)moisturiser,a gift you received that does not suit your skin type
5)moisturiser/eye-cream left in the tube that you want to discard because you want to switch to a different brand

Think twice because these can be put to good use. Apply these on the neck. Most people neglect moisturising the neck even though this part of the body is the part where the signs of aging show the most. They neglect either out of ignorance or they simply don't think it's necessary to take care of the neck as it's cosily covered by the clothes.

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