Friday, September 7, 2012

My hair is becoming redder

This is my second hair highlighting done this year.  The first one was in January when I opted for brown.  

Your hair will have 3 colours! Ha? Black, red and the earlier tint, brown. Oh I see! That's fine.

This time I don't mind the redness of my hair.  In fact, it gives my lifeless hair some life.  This is called 50% highlighting, according to my hairstylist.  She also commented that I look better with a head of reddish hair.  Emmm...

Anyway, in a few months time, a more natural brown colour will be subsituting the red hue.  So, it's going to be like another colouring done on my hair again.  And another new look!

Three colours of the crowning glory

A nice contrast with my black hairband

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