Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Skirt at RM3!

I guess no one would believe me if I tell them the skirt (one piece la!) costs RM3 each! When I happened to pick up one of the skirts, the price tag attracted me as it only costs a meagre RM10!
So, I picked all the three colours available.

I was in for another pleasant surprise when I paid for it at the cashier. He told me RM12 and with total disbelief, I paid for them. The next logical thing for a shopper to do is to search if there are more of such unbelievable bargains. There are only 3 colours, if there are 5, I would undoubtedly grab all. And, all the other skirts were not my cup of tea. So, I went home smiling in my heart as though I've just gotten a windfall.

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