Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My eyebrows were shaved

It was a beauty consultant from the same salon who advised me not to shave my eyebrows. Shaving, it seems, damages the cuticle and may lead to retardation of the brows. The advice was given a few years ago after I told her the make-up artist of a photo session shaved my eyebrows to rid of unnecessary fine hair.

A few years later, just a few days ago, another beauty consultant from this salon,did just that. And, I had gone through the third round of eyebrow shaving by her. Logic tells me that the shaving is an easier way of getting rid of unwanted hair, it's neater and requires less brow-picking skills. She did brow-picking too but not enough. And she got too carried away with the shaving that I actually suffered a cut on my eyelid, I realised later at home when I cleansed my face and felt a tingling sensation. She shaved the sides of the brows, under the brows and above my nose bridge.

She will definitely be getting a gentle earful from me on my next session.

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