Monday, October 8, 2012

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Well, or rather how many pairs of new shoes do you own?  Being budget conscious, I can't resist having the pair of shoes on sale in my shelf.  I was too carried away with buying shoes on offer that I have lost count of the number of pairs I own.

One fine day, I was scanning through my little store room and notice I have two pairs of new shoes I didn't know I have bought, the yellow flowered one from Voir and the black pair of slip-on from Jusco.

From Voir 

Chic slip-on from Jusco
When you wear this white soft flatties, it feels like your soles are just next to the ground.
Soft flatties from Jusco
This blue and pink pairs are bought at RM80 for two pairs from Vincci. Good for shopping. Individually each pair costs over RM50.
Latest from Vincci

Identical with the blue pair from Vincci
Slightly 'aunty' type of slip-on but the cushion feel is very comfortable.
Comfortable slip-on one-inch heel
No more shopping for shoes until next year....

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