Friday, August 5, 2011

What chemicals do you put on your face every morning?

1. Cleanser
What a nice and fresh feeling when you cleanse your oily face with this cleaning agent? And I love gel or foam based one which gives a 'cleaner' after-wash feeling.

2. Face Oil
Optional but I love the scent of this oil.

3. Multi active toner
One fundamental chemical for the face.

4. Firming booster
Something I bought quite some time already and have not been using.  Supposed to firm up stubborn lines. Perhaps, it's timely to use it to conceal those lines surfacing before they deepen.

5. C12 concentrate
To be applied on discoloured areas or all over, it takes a few bottles for effect to be shown but I have yet to see this as this is only my second bottle.

6. Multi-vitamin power cream
Claims to work wonders for the eye area but I apply on areas where creases appear deeper, not necessarily the eyes.

7. Moisturiser
A must-have for my dehydrated face (as labelled by my beauty consultant). I should apply more if I sleep in an air-conditioned room, so they say.

8. Sun block
I never leave home without this at daytime. I will come back with more unsightly pigmentation if I choose therwise.

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