Friday, May 13, 2011

Bathroom slippers for the sensitive ones

With heels such as mine, this kind of so-called 'water-proof' bathroom slippers(pink) (from Jusco) come in very practical and useful. These ones fit the description better as the base is imilar to an abacus,with gaps which do not retain any water for long. Dry slippers,especially at night, are the answers to my problematic heels like mine.

I bought the first pair (orange) more than a year ago from Jusco. These are 'water-retaining' as there are holes (in the shape of flowers) on certain parts of the base. Hence, they are not really water-proof.

Priced at RM12.90 per pair, they are worth it so long as my woes are lessened.

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Pui See said...

Wow that's cheap n seems useful. I shall get a pair for my mom.