Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pleasure became torture

In all my years of facial sessions, this has to be the worst, most torturous session. Most of you will agree that the only painful session of any facial treatment is the extraction of blackheads. My nose,to me, is the most 'insensitive' part of this process, probably because of my thick nose. And, yet this petite lady is capable of inflicting pain to this part of my face. I used to enjoy my nose being 'extracted' of blackheads. Not anymore.

My 'ouches' and moving of my face to signal to her of the pain didn't stop her from her passionate extraction. The last straw came when my cheeks were the next target. She didn't seem apologetic and continued until I finally raised the white flag. 'I don't want to continue anymore. It's so painful..,' I almost pleaded to her in desperation.

Still no apologies, she explained that the pain could be due to the 'stubborn' blackheads and my dry skin condition. My face was in dire pain and I couldn't be bothered with whatever reason she gave. Next, she said calmly and professionally,"Ok la, maybe next session we continue,". "No way!" I vowed. Under my dead body will I allow you to extract my blackheads.

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