Sunday, March 6, 2011

Disappointing manicure

Sometimes,it is better to leave the job to experts. The lady boss enthusiastically served me and passionately did my manicure. No complaints about the cutting and chipping of dead skin. When it came to the painting session, my doubts seemed proven.

They looked too thick on my nails, high probability of 'old' varnish. Well, I was quite sure of this as before I even left the salon, my thumb varnish got scratched accidentally by me.The expert manicurist quickly did a 'repainting' job and commented that would not have happened if she were to do the job for me. True enough, her skills are better.

Confirmed! My varnish started to peel off the next day, one by one. Fortunately, I didn't pay through my nose for this. I have to make sure I don't get served by the lady boss in my next visit.

Anyway, I realised the lady boss was hard-selling on her detergent products whilst doing my manicure. Everything happens for a reason.

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Pui See said...

The shop used very poor quality nail polish. Suggest u don't go back to the same shop to do your nails.