Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I just can't believe that those pieces of dead skin were mine.

"See, your skin", the manicurist enthused.

A little embarassed in the beginning because of my dry and chapped heels, I was very satisfied with her service in the end. One must be passionate to do this job. No joke. Who loves hugging strangers' heels while scraping off the stubborn and unsightly cracks and dead skin? Who loves going through each toe while trying to trim them as nice as possible?

After the session has ended, I felt really 'new' and 'clean'. I own a layer of 'new' and better looking skin. No need to be shy and try to hide my heels, at least for a while. The session wasn't expensive. For both manicure and pedicure, it costs less than RM60 and it's located at Ampang Point.

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