Monday, September 29, 2008

How do you tell if your whitening products are effective?

Even if the freckles or pigments don't look less darker, do you still think you are using the right products?

My beautician told me that if they don't darken, at least they maintain their colour. So, the products are considered effective.

I'm not so sure but I would never go for more drastic treatment such as laser treatment.

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Pui See said...

I'm not convinced with what your beautician said. I saw a doctor here at the National Skin centre for my sudden breakout that happened more than a yr ago n recently for my eczema problem. He is good. I was surprised by the answers he gave me when I asked him questions abt what other ppl / beautician told me to. I can share with u what he said. If I will see him again in the future (I hope not because it means I have problems), maybe u can give me your question n I can try to ask him.