Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Removal of blackheads

Ever have the problem of removing stubborn blackheads? Or those disgusting blackheads keep appearing on your nose a few days after getting rid of them?

I had this problem which had been haunting me for years. It was very embarassing for me as I have big pores on my face. And these dreadful black things love to reside on my nose (my ugliest feature, i think). For years, I've gotten sneering remarks from those close to me whenever these black things appear. My beautician said that I have active oil glands on my nose area and this explains why my nose is the area that will be attacked first.

Methods tried to rid of the appearance of blackheads were concealing my nose area with concealer and even compact powder. At times, my face appear two-toned or caked. Of course, wiping off the oily surface with tissue didn't help. Later, I invested in facial blotters which didn't do much help either.

My nightmare came to an end when I found the perfect product of the century (well, at least it is to me at that moment). I was introduced to this product by my sister who had tried it. It is the Cellnique Sebum Gel. It really works like wonders to me. Gone are the days of awful looking blackheads-covered nose. With just a thin layer every morning, my nose is clear of oil for at least until before lunch. I still dab off the layer of oil with facial blotters. You know the appearance of oily nose can be awful at times. And, I don't even have to reapply the sebum gel after dabbing off the oil. No more visible ugly blackheads. Occasionally, I visit my beautician for my regular facial treatment after about one and a half months, my blackheads are not that horrible. Thanks Cellnique!

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